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Briden Baby (8 oz - 4lbs)

Briden Baby (8 oz - 4lbs)


Custom weighted doll to length and weight 


Comes with a bonnet or bow, diaper, and flannel swaddle


****If ordering a baby over 4lbs please add additional lbs and additional oz to your cart! 


Additional Oz found here:


Additional Lbs found here:


    The Briden Baby is a simple waldorf inpsired doll! It is weighted to the weight of your baby and sized to the length! I also distribute the weight of the doll so it feels super realistic! Its made with all natural materials- soft cotton knit fabric, weighted glass beads and stuffed with wool! The wool is antimicrobial and it will start to retian the heat of your body as you snuggle it also studies have found that nautral materials often have a healing effect (much in the same way crystals do) making it great for those woth empty arms after pregnancy and infant loss!

    Speaking of infant loss we have a special discount program for the Briden Babies for Breaved parents of pregnancy and infant loss! Message me for details!


    Returns and Refunds are not accepted however all dolls come with a normal wear and tear lifetime warranty where for the cost of shipping I will repair anything to the best of my ablity due to normal wear and tear. 


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