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Healing through creating....

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Hello, My name is Denesha. I am the owner and creator of Little Saulmates. I decided I wanted to use my platform to share about how I use this business as a form of healing, along with my story. Little Saulmates started in 2018 shortly after I made a Christmas gift for my two children JC and Amelie. I had experienced a miscarriage a few months before in August and I realized how much I enjoyed creating something that made my children smile so much. I decided I wanted to continue to do that for others and making a little bit of money on the side to help support my family didn't seem too bad of an idea. And so Little Saulmates was born. I must admit, it was a major flop and honestly, I got discouraged and eventually I lost track somewhere along the way. I suffered Hg during my pregnancy with my sweet Leithan which was followed with another Hg pregnancy with Briden. After losing Briden I never thought I would find joy in sewing again. Until I heard about the terrible news that another momma that I knew had suffered the same horrible loss of our precious newborn, for me that made 3 of us that I knew in less then 6 months. (This is the kind of thing that doesn't happen to you or the people you know, its something you hear about happening to others but could NEVER imagine it being your reality.) I decided to offer her my services to make her a weighted bear because of how disappointed I had been with other weighted bear companies. Making the Emmy bear made me realize how much I needed sewing and creating.

Somehow I dove right back into creating and this time my business took off and I decided that I could use this platform to let my sweet Briden's light continue to shine bright, after all he was my beacon of hope.

Sewing for others gave me hope.

I've had the best customers and friends and family cheering me along the way. I spoke to another angel momma whose been with me every step of the way about how my bear that I made for myself wasn't enough... it didn't fulfill the longing of the feeling I felt holding Briden's body against my chest because of how small he was even compared to a stuffed bear his length and weight. I expressed how I wanted to do a faceless doll because no other doll could live up to the expectations I had for my baby's face. She agreed nd mentioned it was something she would like so I found myself making this doll for her. Of course I ended up frustrated because the head was not turning out the right size and guess what? It was the exact size I needed to make myself a doll with Briden's measurements, And so the Briden Baby was born and along with the Briden baby a program to help bereaved parents called Graycen's Grace which offers 25% off to bereaved parents in honor of sweet baby Graycen who passed exactly 24 hours before my Briden.

Loss is a big part of my business' inception and I have had the most amazing angels looking out for me. This platform is my healing. Creating multicultural dolls for beautiful children and adults, memory dolls for reminders how far warrior have come and healing dolls for bereaved parents is my calling.

I will continue to share my story within this blog...

Thank you for reading and supporting me,

Your living black doll,


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